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Pre-Order Drop - 9/12/23 - Suicide Awareness

Drop runs: 9/5 thru 9/10
Estimated ship date: 8/28/2023
Next drop will be 9

Previous drop:
Estimated ship date: 

All listings below are for current pre-order items. Please read each listing well before purchasing. DO NOT purchase any other items with the pre-order item. If you do, any other items will be shipped when the pre-order item is available.

What's a pre-order? A pre-order is an item that's for sale before I have all supplies on hand to complete the order. They are only available for a short time. 


What's the benefit of pre-ordering? You get to claim yours before it's sold out. Pre-order items are discounted. 


Don't miss out! Order yours today!

To see our in stock Weekly Drop click here!

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