Custom Glass Tile Sign

Custom Glass Tile Sign

Gift your favorite lady one of these super cute signs for Mother's Day or any occasion. Pick your size and colors and let me do the rest. If you choose the LCS Chooses option for the Child (ren)'s Name Accent Color, it means that you would like for me to choose which color I think will fit best.


Gift includes personalized tile (3"x12" or or 4"x8") and clear stand to display sign.


Please provide all information formated as the example below. 


4"x8" example

Name: MOM

Name Color: Lavendar

Child (ren)'s Name: Aiden, Kira

Child (ren)'s Name Color: light teal

Stripe Text: established 2013

Stripe Text Color: white


***The stripe color will automatically be the same color as the name. If you would like no stripe just say no stripe. ***


3"x12" example

Name: Grammie

Name Color: Navy Blue

Child (ren)'s Name: Aiden, Kira

Child (ren)'s Name Color: Black